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Alexander Lowry passed away in December 2010.

"Although I first learned the basics of photography at my father's newspaper when I was eight years old, my earliest serious photographic efforts started ten years later and were very much influenced by my discovery of The Family of Man. I was very moved by the power of the documentary photograph produced by a skilled and astute observer. At age eighteen I decided photography was the path I wanted to follow for my life's work.

"Throughout my fifty plus years of making both professional and personal photographs, I have explored several parallel paths, including landscape, wildlife and abstract images but I have always photographed life going on around me in the documentary/journalistic tradition.

"One of the parallel paths my photographic effort has followed is street photography. In fact, my very first serious photographs were made on the streets of Paris in 1957. I cannot say that I go out looking for anything in particular -- I just go looking. It is like hunting without knowing what you are hunting for but I am always at a high state of alert. I feel that this is where photography is unique. No other medium can capture a single moment in time. Recently, I returned to Paris for the first time in many years and walked the streets looking. I found that after 40 years of making images the hunt is still exciting.

"Beginning in 1967 and continuing for about 15 years, I did a great deal of wildlife photography throughout the western United States. Many of these images were made under very challenging conditions, i.e., low light and bad weather. Some are very difficult to print on conventional gelatin silver materials and were printed in very small numbers. In many cases, only two or three silver prints exist.

"In the 1970s I began exploring more introspective visual ideas and more complex printmaking techniques on a separate, parallel path from my documentary work. The rock series contains images from that effort. These images were printed in small editions using a variety of paper and toner combinations to find the right look and feel for each image.

"The role of the photographer as printmaker has always interested me and between 1980 and 2000 I made a few archival silver prints (usually six to eight each) of the negatives I felt were my best. Many images had been previously printed but others were re-discovered and printed for the first time many years after the negative was made. There are a few vintage prints of some images in inventory.

"Going forward I am excited by image making possibilities using the new electronic imaging technologies, especially in the realm of printmaking. For the past ten years I have been making archival inkjet prints of all my new work, as well as reprints of some earlier work. With the broad selection of beautiful papers and high quality pigmented inks, as well as sophisticated new printers, a whole new world of printmaking possibilities has opened for my exploration.

"In 1920 Edward Weston wrote, 'Peace and an hour's time — given these, one creates. Emotional heights are easily attained; peace and time are not.' Living in Mount Shasta affords me the peace and time to work on my photographs nearly every day."

Biographical Information

Alexander Lowry made personal and professional photographs from 1957-2010. During his career he was a newspaper and public relations photographer and for 30 years concentrated on contract work, primarily for educational and conservation organization. Photo Researchers, Inc. in New York has represented his stock photography since 1964. He taught workshops for University of California, Santa Cruz Extension and others from 1974 through 2004. His photographs have appeared in more than 500 publications worldwide over a span of five decades. He has exhibited widely in both solo and group shows, and his prints are in public and private collections.


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1989 "Through the Lens," Juried Exhibition, University of Nebraska, Lincoln, NE
1971 First Annual Members Exhibit, Friends of Photography Gallery, Carmel, CA


Crocker Art Museum, Sacramento, CA
Museum of Art and History, Santa Cruz, CA
Santa Cruz City Museum of Natural History, Santa Cruz, CA
Sempervirens Fund, Los Altos, CA
Silicon Valley Bank Corp., Cupertino, CA
University of California, Santa Cruz (Library Special Collections), Santa Cruz, CA


CRITTERS, Published privately, 1978
BIG BASIN, Sempervirens Fund, 1973
CASTLE ROCK, Sempervirens Fund, 1973
TUTORIAL PROJECT, Published privately, 1968
SANTA CLARA COUNTY: A SECOND LOOK, Published privately, 1965

Photographic Contributions:
THE SALINAS VALLEY, Windsor Publications, Inc., 1989
RESTLESS PARADISE: SANTA CRUZ COUNTY, Windsor Publications, Inc., 1987
IN THE OCEAN WIND, Glenwood Publishers, 1974

Magazine Features and Photographic Essays (selected):
"Spotlight, Alexander Lowry," B&W Magazine, April, 2004
"San Joaquin Winter," WESTWAYS Magazine, 1977
"An American Heritage," U.S. CAMERA/CAMERA 35 ANNUAL, 1972


Photography workshops for University of California, Santa Cruz Extension and others, 1974-2004
"Introduction to Photojournalism," Cabrillo College, Spring Semester, 1987
Staff photographer, San Jose Mercury-News, 1968-71, 1958-60
First staff photographer, University of California, Santa Cruz, 1966-68
Staff photographer, Public Relations Office, Los Alamos Scientific Laboratory, New Mexico, 1961-63


San Francisco Art Institute, 1960-61
San Jose City College, 1959
San Jose State University, 1956, 1958

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